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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

TZ Rant

Why is it that some people think that the whole world is on their own Time Zone? I woke up this morning to 4 emails all from the same person, basically moaning about the fact that he didn't get a reply immediately. He was interested in an osCommerce site build; this morning I decided not to take him on as a client, due to him being so impatient. I'll email to let him know in a few days ;-) I'm sorry to say, in my experience it's mainly Americans that think the world revolves around them, I wonder why that is?

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At 4/11/2006 02:28:00 PM, Anonymous Corby Simpson said...

It's an interesting observation that Americans think the world revolves around them. That said, I'm a Canadian and share the same timezone. In my experience, many companies around the world actually operate (at least partly) during our business hours.

I see it all the time with outsourced web dev companies who are trying to gain business. That said, If you'd like a taste of what we Canadians deal lbeing just North of the U.S, with check outthe video link at http://www.realmoneywebdesign.com/?p=50

This is absolutely hilarious and much like everything, needs to be taken witha grain of salt!

At 4/11/2006 03:29:00 PM, Anonymous dreamscape said...

Ugh, the Crossfire and Crossfire spin-off and rip-off shows are so terrible. I don't know how anyone can watch that crap for more than 5 seconds. I really don't think that many people do. The cable news networks have just become another medium for entertainment rather than news. They seek out people with the most extreme & opposite views on a subject they can find and put them in the same room, turn on the cameras, and see what happens.

Haha, it reminds me of a show I saw on Animal Planet one time with a snake photographer. He was talking about one of the most venemous snakes, and then said, "We're gonna see if we can find one, then poke 'em with a stick and see what happens." That pretty much sums up nearly every show on the cable news networks: put some people on there, poke 'em with a stick and see what happens.

Just pay no mind to American television. We sure don't. ;)

At 4/11/2006 06:53:00 PM, Blogger JavaRoasters said...

That was a news show???? I thought it was Jerry Springer. :(

If the site is a .com site I "assume" it is in North America (somewhere), if it is a .co.uk I know what continent it is in and adjust my contact time accordingly. My morning, at least partly, "relovles" around Burt's Blog as it one of my "must reads" when I start my work day.

At 4/12/2006 03:39:00 AM, Anonymous Chance said...

Ok wait a minute... The world doesn't revolve around the US?

Listen here Brits- we let you speak American so give us the common courtesy to live on our time!


At 4/12/2006 04:06:00 AM, Anonymous PhiMix said...

It's dangerous to assume all .com belongs to North American companies. Most people prefer .com because it's the most common domain and therefore what people expect when they can only remember part of a website name.

For example I'm Danish, but my main domain (phimix.com) is .com.

If you want to stay awake and be prepared for business around the clock, you might want to consider going polyphasic :)

At 4/12/2006 07:23:00 AM, Anonymous dreamscape said...

>> That was a news show????

It was actually like 2 or 3 different "news" shows (that I cared to count) cut together. At least 2 were from different networks [there was Fox News show and then a CNN show]. I really wouldn't expect anything better from Fox or CNN in the first place, but pretty much all cable "news" networks are like that now.

I say "news" quoted like that because I think that generally most Americans [who get cable] understand and know that the cable news networks don't really air that much news. Most people get their dose of TV news from the local news station(s) anyways, which can be bad enough to bear, where they do a weather report every 5 minutes, and if you're from a less populated area, replay the same 5 stories for an hour. Ok, I exaggerate, but only to make a point.


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