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Monday, April 03, 2006

Online Income, How?

Let's imagine that you wanted raise $1000 online income over the next 4 weeks. You could do that many ways, amongst them: 1/ Build a website, monetize it using adsense etc. Consider that it would take hundreds, thousands of clicks to earn $1000 from Adsense - you'd be crazy to rely on Adsense to make decent cash. 2/ Build a website to promote someone elses product (in other words, be an Affiliate). Consider that selling someone elses product means you get only a small cut of commission. Take for example a $100 selling price, on which you get 33% commission - you therefore receive about $33 per sale. You also need to consider all those other affiliates that you have to fight with to get the person to buy from your link. It's plain madness to sell as an Affiliate - there's little money to be made in my opinion. The answer is staring us in the face; 3/ Build a website to sell your own product. Consider that you would be keeping 100% of the profits! This is obviously the way to go, why are not more people forging their own path in this way? Well, they are slightly more work, but the rewards are greater also... For me, I like to set up sites which sell downloadable products, eg eBooks, website templates and the like. Making and Selling your own product can only be good for your pocket. You are likely thinking "sure, but I don't have the knowledge to build a product" - that's OK - get someone else to build the product for you...pay them a fee upfront, or cut them in on a % of sales - whatever it takes. It does not take skill or experience to set up a site selling a product - all it takes is the belief that you will cover your costs. The last two large AIS sites that I set up both have products on that were not created by me! I paid to have them built - and I did not pay an extortionate amount of money... Final Say Of course, it is also possible to realise a profit when/if you decide to sell up - this is almost impossible with "adsense sites" or "affiliated sites".

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At 4/03/2006 02:57:00 PM, Anonymous Tom said...

Some good points Gary - which is why my next site will be a downloadable 'product' (e-book).

Interested - how do you drive traffic to these types of sites? Google Adwords etc?

Not that I'm using it as an excuse, but as I learned with my failed first attempt to sell an e-book, I think a lot of the success/failure with these product sites depends on who your target audience is.

Your OSC e-books, templates, Make Content Unique = aimed at people familiar with online products, sales etc (and people intending to set up their own online stores!). Other people with different expertese e.g. my original essay writing e-book = aimed at a different market, who are perhaps less familiar/willing to buy 'electronic' products online.

All the same I agree that online products are a great way to earn money online if you can find the right market, and write/buy a decent product to sell.

At 4/03/2006 09:59:00 PM, Anonymous Will said...

Great post, Gary. The biggest hurdle, for me right now at least, is thinking up problems that need solving with a product!

At 4/04/2006 02:28:00 PM, Blogger Gary B. said...

There's lot of problems out there - try thinking out of the Box. Here's one for free, for you;

Lots of people suffer with Athlete's Foot. Go and do some research on the problem and solutions. Write your eBook and sell it.

I am in a fortunate position with my offerings as I am a member of a number of forums where the potential market (for most of my stuff) is willing to spend cash. 1 post and I can make 20 or more sales quite easily as evidenced...


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