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Saturday, April 15, 2006

The Apprentice

I haven't posted as much on this season of the Apprentice as I usually do, let's right that wrong, by at least providing some websites for this bunch of no-good, good-for-nothings; Seem OK so far Tuan Le I like Tuan - he is too quiet by far, and seems reticent to take the lead. He needs to start getting busy with his plans for World Domination. It also helps that he's a local boy, Weston-s-Mare apparently. Ruth Badger I really like The Badger. She has balls. Paul Tulip This guy could win it overall, I think. Not shy to make his point known at all. Sharon McAllister Fired. Michelle Dewberry A bit wishy washy, needs to assert herself more. OK though. Karen Bremner I thought she was ultra business-like. I cannot remember why she was fired though. Could not organise a piss up in a brewery Samuel Judah Useless, useless, useless. Would you like a bottle of water? Fired. Praise be. Alexa Tilley Fired. Ansell Henry Why he has not yet been fired is anyones guess. Dire. Just plain annoying - make me want to punch the Telly Jo Cameron Fired. Nargis Aga Fired. Syed Ahmed This guy is just unreal - the weakest contestant on at least 3 tasks and yet he survives the Boardroom. This guy is less use than Samuel Judah. And two more, both fired (and rightly so). I couldn't find websites for them; Mani Sandher Ben Stanberry

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At 4/15/2006 06:39:00 PM, Anonymous adie said...

Hi Burt,

You missed Karen the lawyer, she's ok albeit bossy, but overall probably didn't deserve to go so early.

Thought I'd also say, I think your blogs great well done ;)

At 4/16/2006 12:54:00 PM, Blogger Oli said...

http://karenbremner.blogspot.com/ :)

At 4/16/2006 01:43:00 PM, Blogger Gary B. said...

Nice one guys! I have added the link into the main post.


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