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Friday, March 10, 2006

osCommerce - Customer Groups

If you run the "Customer Groups" contribution [ this one ] on an osCommerce store it gives the ability to define a "group" (eg for 25% discount). Some shops need the ability to give trade discount to a group of customers for example. I've been running this for a while to deal with Resellers of my osCommerce Templates, but have found it increasingly mind-numbing to not know actually who is in a group (detailed in one place). The usual admin page looks like this: Pretty useless really. What I did was add a few lines of code to this page, so that it will now list each customer in the "group". The customers name appears like this: In addition, I linked the customers name directly through to the customers detail page (so I can easily see who has ordered what, how many times they've logged in, their address details and so on). This is now much more useful and less time-consuming to use!

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