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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Looking to start an Empire ?

If you are looking to start up an AIS Empire, look no further than Niche Sites Monthly. This is a new service started up by one of my online buddies - basically, you get 10 niche websites per month. There are many other places you can get "already made" sites from - indeed, I used to sell such sites at $49 each! With Niche Sites Monthly, you get 10 unique sites! The next buyer gets 10 sites on the same topic, but with a different website & different articles/text. And so on & forth. In effect, every customer gets similar (but different) sites - this means that no-one should get hammered by any duplicate content penalties. Of course, such a service is a real PITA to provide, but I am sure that Oli will rise to the challenge! For now, you can get the first 10 sites for just $30 ! Well worth looking at, I recommend this service highly - think of it as another arrow (or 10 arrows) with which to shoot at the Adsense Target! Link: Niche Sites Monthly

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