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Thursday, March 23, 2006

I think I found out why Harald does not like me

Regular, long-time readers will know that HPDL of osCommerce does not like me. Even though I've been a staunch supporter of osCommerce for well over 4 years, it appears that I have upset him somehow - I still don't know how or why he is upset, but there we are - he won't answer my emails. Anyway, if you want to read more about that, see here and here. Anyway, I received email from someone who reads my blog but prefers to remain anonymous:

A couple of months ago, Harald invited me to be a Contrib moderator. I agreed. After a few weeks had passed, and I had neither been invited to their Skype meetings nor given any further instruction, I asked if they were waiting on me for something. Harald replied that they were no longer sure they wanted me on the team, since I was "staff" at osCommerce-Freelancers, and Bobby had indicated he was working on a fork. I was therefore affiliated with a fork.
Hmmm, this is what someone alluded to in my recent threads, but I was certain that Harald would not punish someone for being friends with someone else. That's akin to Ford (motor company) requiring all employees to drive Fords. It just wouldn't happen.
I recently emailed Harald that due to the time involved, I was assuming I'd been silently un-invited, but would have appreciated a yes/no rather than silence.
I also suffer the sound of silence. I wish that Harald would answer me once and for all to say what the problem is (rather than just say "it's a personal problem").
I'm 99% sure that my team invite was retracted solely based on the fight between Bobby and the team. Nothing to do with me. I hope that clarifies my comments. I didn't want to post them under my name in the case that there is still a shred of a chance that I can help the community as a moderator.
It certainly sounds like it. To be honest I was not ready to believe that such actions can take place - I guess I know better now. I am now 100% sure that my being involved in the "freelancers" project is the real reason why Harald decided that I (as in me personally) am not a good fit for supporting osCommerce. Oh well, at least I now know that it wasn't something that I had done to upset him - it was simply his fight with someone else that I was dragged into by Harald himself. Fair enough - I am now happy that I know the reason, and this can be the end of it as far as I am concerned.

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At 3/24/2006 12:33:00 AM, Blogger richandzhaoyan said...

All seems to make sense really Gary. (Well, maybe it doesnt make any sense whatsoever, but at least it would appear you have found the answer as to your rift with hpdl)

What annoys me from an osC users point of view is that alot of the very experienced osC contributors have now departed (or been banished) and alot of them were the ones who seemed to have the most practical approach to using osC.

osC is a great piece of software and now that I am developing the next store it has reminded me of just how flexible a solution it is. The problem I have with some of the posters on the osC forums is that they seem to forget that osC is simply a tool to sell with. That is the bottom line. The more you can do to improve your sales the better.

Thing is, whenever I start looking into improving osC, like I mentioned on my blog about the chekout process, it is threads that have been started by the likes of yourself and Bobby that keep cropping up. Thats certainly not to take away from some of the forum members now who are working very hard and have a lot of knowledge, its just that its a shame to have lost so much experience - and over politics.

I gotta say I have been to busy to keep up with all the osC politics properly over the last year, but it does seem to me that the project is stalling due to the lack of good programmers working on the new release. What has happened over the last 12 months is that the knowledge base, contributions section, live store entries, etc, etc has improved imeasureably - which to me indicates just how much work can be done when there are the right number of dedicated team members assigned to the rigth areas.

One question for you - Are you still working on the freelancers project? If so, hows it going?


At 3/24/2006 08:30:00 AM, Blogger Gary B. said...

Rich, that project is dead. Chemo let down the rest of the developers by doing a disappearing act, meaning we have no access to the code which is on his CVS server.

I've cut my losses on that project, which I advise that anyone waiting for a cart to be released should also do.
Cheers, Gary

ps, I also deleted a comment (sorry HCG) - I think the same thing, but it's not right to say so in a public blog

At 3/24/2006 12:08:00 PM, Anonymous HCG said...

Heh, no worries.


At 3/24/2006 02:11:00 PM, Blogger JavaRoasters said...

If someone came to me and said they were working for a competing coffee company but also wanted to work for me , all they needed was my customer list I think I would have the same reaction as Harald.

Bringing you on to the development team or even you being a community sponsor would give you the MS3 code while involved with a competing cart. Roles reversed Burt I wonder what you would have done????

At 3/24/2006 03:15:00 PM, Blogger Gary B. said...

Sure, in business this would be a different situation.

In terms of the open GPL cart(s), collabaration is always a good thing. In fact, Harald saw no problem in working together when I asked him during a SkyPE conversation (when I was considering forking to my own cart).

It's only when I decided to go with Chemo's cart (no point in doubling work) that it [silently] became an issue.

What would I have done?
In your coffee example, exactly the same as you, no doubt. In the cart example, I would have worked out a compromise => a developer CVS branch which would allow a bunch of developers to work "on the edge". Best of both worlds then, and everyone is happy. This approach was brought up to Harald with (as always) a negative response.

At 3/24/2006 04:27:00 PM, Anonymous Chance said...

That's weird, Harald told me it was because you smell funny.

Hunh, go figure?

At 3/25/2006 12:07:00 AM, Blogger Gary B. said...


I also noticed that zrxRaver of the osCommerce Nederland Forum has this post as his (or her) signature. Not quite sure why, but whatever floats your boat Mr Raver Dude. ;-)

At 3/28/2006 01:16:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well my suggestion burt is one of 3 things:

A) move on and leave osC behind you completely.

B) Continue working on support for osC via your own web site and network, but separately from the osC site, so your work is supported by you on your site etc.

C) Ignore the issues found at the site with members and remember that all of those posts were not to help the Team, rather to help people who needed a helping hand.

I had issues with the forum before as well (no need for details). and was disappointed, but continued on and posted when I felt like it, ignored what the mods had to say and watched my step when posting.

Sometimes the passive way is the best, and overall, I am happy with my choices. I know Harald does not disapprove of forks, rather I am sure he looks at them for ideas and techniques.

Whatever your choice is Burt, I still think you have a lot of knowledge and skills which others can benefit from and the sharing of your experience helps out a lot of people.

Peter M

PS. I would have signed in as cannuck1964, but do not remember my PW :)


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