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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

January Round Up AIS

I did pretty well in January. I had my highest Adsense month ever at a smidgeon under $1000. I also had some fun starting up a new AIS, which has done OK - more details to be revealed... Januarys Targets: 1/ Make at least 15 new AIS sites. Failed. I created 8 small AIS sites. 2/ Purchase another 20 Domain Names. Succeeded. I purchased about 25 Domain Names. 3/ Create an AIS for entry into my own Business Challenge Succeeded. My original idea was too much work to get started in such a short time-frame, so I opted for something else. More details to follow! 4/ Win my own Business Challenge! ???. To be determied after all the entrants have their story written up! Targets for February: 1/ Make at least 15 new sites. 2/ Register another 20 Domain Names. 3/ Create 1 large product AIS.

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