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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Challenge Story: Real Money Web Design

The initial concept was to write an e-book titled "How to make real money as a web designer." I know a lot of people who do web design but barely make enough to make ends meet, so I figured, why not share some of my secrets? I work fulltime but do freelance on the side and make some serious extra $ doing it! I work smarter, not harder. Well, 24 pages into the book and Jan 1st rolls around. I KNEW it wouldn't be done in enough time to do anything with an AIS site. So I decided to turn my AIS into a blog (www.realmoneywebdesign.com) which dealt with the same topic but more informal... kindof like an adventure. The concept now was to develop a loyal reader base and at the end of the year (2006 and pending positive results and a high income) I would put the ebook up for sale on my site and hopefully, sell it to all my readers =) So where am I at now? Well, THE AIS itself made $0! Yup, Nada, zippo, zero! I promoted a book called "Don't make me think" through Amazon as an affiliate at one point (which is in fact a very good book!) but that didn't generate an income. However, sometimes things happen as a result of something indirectly! I started a different type of AIS. I built an ecomm site and have a 50% partnership in a company. I don't have to do a thing and we're registered resellers for some high end equipment by a twist of fate! Yesterday we sold a $10,000 printer. That's about $800 in my pocket for someone else selling it and having it ordered online. ALSO! I billed about $5k in freelance work this month. www.realmoneywebdesign.com forced me to keep the content fresh and the only way to do it was to do freelance work =) So! That said, I've got my fulltime job which pays very well, I made $800 off my e-comm AIS websites first sale AND about $5k of freelance web development/design. All as a direct "Side-effect" of my starting my Direct AIS challenge! My costs? $8 for a domain and my time. Thanks Gary!

Many thanks to Corby for his story. Though the actual AIS that Corby started did not take off too well, it led onto other things which have impacted Corby's bottom line. Nice one!

New URL: www.osworld.biz - thanks!


At 2/01/2006 04:52:00 PM, Anonymous Erik said...

Great Story! I think this challenge was an awesome idea. I wish I would have found it earlier. I am just amazed at what kind of money people can make as well as the connections you can create through blogging and design monetized websites.

Hope there is a challenge part two. I have some site ideas I need to work on and this would be the motivation for sure.


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