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Friday, February 03, 2006

Challenge Story: PLR Manna

About The Site: PLR Manna offers a desktop tool, coded in VB which allows people to add customised content to PLR (Private Label Rights) Articles. At the moment PLR Articles are all the rage in the Marketing World. The Idea: On one of the Forums I am on, someone was moaning about hundreds of people having the exact same articles to promote. They wanted a quick and easy way to change many articles at once. I started asking more questions and came up with an acorn of an idea – I freely posted my intention to have such a tool built. I then proceeded to gather more feedback and ideas from interested people. The Tool: I have no idea about coding in Visual Basic. I employed an online buddie to build me a tool, based on the ideas and feedback I had gathered. The original tool was very basic but over the course of 10 days or so, it has been transformed into a tool that does everything bar the washing up :) The Site: The site is based on a free design available from www.oswd.org – this took me around 10 minutes to change and build. The download system is linked to “Dotwidget” of which I already have a license (I use this on a number of sites linked to 1 central download area). It is simple to create a Paypal Button in Dotwidget, and it gives you a nice (but quite basic) interface to determine your sales levels... The Promotion: When the original version of the tool was ready, I posted into a couple of Forums that I am a member of – these are full of people who are on my wavelength when it comes to site building and tools thereof. I did not submit at all to any Search Engines. I do have an Adwords campaign running for this tool. One buyer mentioned another Forum that I was not aware of – I got in touch with the owner of that Forum who agreed to write a review of the tool for his members, on the basis that I would give a discounted price for his members. Here is what he wrote:

OK, I had a chance to review Gary's program, which is called PLR Manna (is that supposed to be Mania?) and I give it a big thumbs up when compared to Dr. Mani's program, both in productivity and price. There are a number of features that make this simple program a real gem. For starters, you can create as many header, middle and footer paragraphs as you want. You can build up a library of them over time and sense they are in your own words, you're not going to be reusing the same paragraphs as a few hundred or thousand other people as with Dr. Mani's system. Next, you can decide whether or not to include a header, middle or footer paragraph in each "batch" of articles you process. This gives you some added flexibility to avoid article "Footprints" with your paragraphs. Lastly, the one awesome feature this program has is you process entire directories full of articles rather than one at a time like Dr. Mani's system. You can little change hundreds of articles in a few seconds! In talking with Gary, he's offered a discount of 25% to our forum members - he needs to set up an order page though so hold off just a bit. The price is normally $50, but we can get it for $37.50 if I did the math right. Overall, for what it does and considering the price, time and effort to doing it through Dr. Mani's system, I'd say the PLR Manna beats everything else hands down. Now, I also have to throw in my two cents in regards to depending solely on this or similar programs. I still think the best long-term value of a PLR Article is to manually re-write it. But, I do understand that you're all mostly going to buy something to automate as much of it as you can, so if you do need to buy a program like this - buy Gary's! I can see it now - Gary is going to launch a whole new industry around PLR Paragraphs. Great job Gary - I'm impressed!
This person is very well known in Internet Marketing, so it was nice to get such a great review. The Sales: It took off quite well. Within an hour or two of my first message, I had a couple of sales. One buyer in particular was very helpful with feedback and ideas ( thanks Linda ! ) - this allowed me to go back to my programmer with some extra ideas for functionality. Over the 14 days that I was in the Challenge I sold 83 products for a total of $3875. Other Monetization: None. I never put Adsense or 3rd party adverts onto my Product AIS's. Summary: Since the challenge ended, I have gone on to make another 14 sales. I intend to put up the price of the tool within the next few days. Once I do that, I expect the tool to sell only 3 or 4 per month, but even so this is a great little AIS, with upsell opportunities (more on that to follow in the future). Though the earned figure is comparatively high, please bear in mind that my costs were also quite high. Link: PLR Manna

New URL: www.osworld.biz - thanks!


At 2/03/2006 09:32:00 PM, Anonymous Aitch said...

This sounds like a real good tool Gary.

I think I mentioned to you that I purchased the Article Minor package which literally gives thousands of articles and seems like a great resource for content, but I don’t think any of these articles are PLR and therefore cannot be altered.

I have since understood the benefits of PLR articles which are beneficial for both ‘uniquish’ type content plus you don’t lose valuable traffic through the wrong channels e.g. author’s credits etc.

I’m still trying to get my head round the AIS game at the moment but once I get my took kit and systems in order, I can see me purchasing the above product. That’s if I don’t spend all my money on the wrong stuff along the way of course Lol!

Cheers and very well done on the product.


At 2/04/2006 10:13:00 AM, Blogger Gary B. said...

Aitch, you can add "headers" & "footers" to those sort of Articles. Obviously as "headers" go before the text, and "footers" after, you are not changing the text (which is not allowed).

That's why I gave the ability in my tool to turn off "middles" if required :)

At 2/04/2006 11:10:00 AM, Anonymous Aitch said...

Thanks Gary, that's useful to know.

Sounds like you've thought this one out very well.

Keep up the good work. I’ll be in touch once I’ve got my plan of action together.



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