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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Challenge Story: The Green Belt

I've never used Adsense as a means of generating revenue before, so this seemed the obvious choice to explore for the challenge. I didn't want to build another 'Asthma / Weight Loss / Credit Card' type site; I wanted something that could genuinely be useful to people, but also generate it's own content to a degree. I eventually decided to build a gig listings site, aiming to appeal to bands listing their shows and people searching for live entertainment in their area. The site is at www.thegreenbelt.co.uk. Bands can list their gigs automatically online, thereby building the useful content. Another potential source of income was as an affiliate for Ticketmaster - adding 'buy tickets now' links to gig listings, as well as sending mail-outs with new gig announcements and affiliate links to Ticketmaster. Unfortunately, the Ticketmaster affiliate set-up is dreadful and the site was only approved mid-way through January. Once approved, I couldn't figure out how to implement this, or even log in to the 'affliates area'. My intentions were good but unfortunately due to an unexpectantly heavy workload in other areas (and a crippling addiction to Su Doku) I was unable to promote the site as heavily as I would have liked. The site never really made an impact on the search engines, although a lot of pages were listed on Google - but seem to have been mysteriously dropped. Briefly the site was the number one result on Google for the term 'Drug-addled waster Pete Doherty', but I doubt this yielded much traffic, and is sadly no longer the case (being no1 on Google that is; Doherty is still a drug-addled waster). The main source of visitors was via a myspace.com profile I set up for the site, which brought 10 - 20 visitors to the site daily, but could have been vastly improved with a bit of promotion. At the end of the challenge www.thegreenbelt.co.uk had made the princely sum of 82 cents in adsense revenue - just about enough to buy a packet of crisps in the pub tonight. I do believe the idea has potential, especially with the Ticketmaster affiliation - it's just a case of knuckling down to it, which isn't easy when you have a 'proper' business to worry about. I intend to keep gradually improving and promoting the site, if nothing else as a means of pushing people onto my promotional sticker printing site, www.sticker-factory.co.uk.

Many thanks to Tim for his Story!

New URL: www.osworld.biz - thanks!


At 2/04/2006 11:18:00 AM, Anonymous Aitch said...

Fantastic idea Tim.

I think you’ll be wise to stick with it. Smart little recognizable logo somewhere, fill in a few of the blank areas with some startup content, bunch of eye catching graphics and pics, all mixed together with a bit of promotion to get the word out, and you’re onto a winner IMO.



At 2/04/2006 06:37:00 PM, Anonymous One Dollar A Day said...

Yes, nice site! I don't know the details of the ticketmaster aff scheme but I guess they don't pay a very high % either?

Using MySpace for promotion is something I'm going to be experimenting with on my iPod Video site. I can't get my head round it though...when I visit MySpace, I just feel old...how sad!


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