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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Banned From Adwords. Yes. No. Dust?

The other day I received an email from Google;

Thank you for advertising with Google AdWords. After reviewing your account, we have found that one or more of your ads or keywords does not meet our guidelines. You can see your disapproved ad(s), the reason for disapproval, and editorial suggestions, from the Disapproved Ads page within your account. Action taken: Suspended - Pending Revision Issue(s): Unacceptable Content SUGGESTIONS: -> Content: At this time, Google policy does not permit the advertisement of websites that contain "hacking or cracking". As noted in our advertising terms and conditions, we reserve the right to exercise editorial discretion when it comes to the advertising we accept on our site.
Seems like they decided my PLR Manna Tool is a "hacking or cracking" tool. I think these must be machine generated based on Keywords Used in your Adwords Ad. Anyway, I wrote back explaining that it basically merges text files together and can't be used for War Games or anything of that nature... A day or so later I received this:
Firstly I would like to assure you that I have reviewed your account and I have confirmed that your ad is now approved. Our AdWords Specialists review ads that run on Google to ensure that they comply with our advertising policies. I apologise if an error was made regarding the prior disapproval of your ad. However, after reviewing your ad again, our Specialists have found that your ad meets all our Editorial Guidelines and advertising policies. I am sorry that you have been inconvenienced due to the period when your ads stop running.
So, all is not lost - at least the Google Team respond swiftly when contacted - and it is nice to actually get a human email (rather than some rubbishy machine generated email á la eBay). So, be careful with your wording on Adverts!

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At 2/10/2006 06:06:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

>> Seems like they decided my PLR Manna Tool is a "hacking or cracking" tool <<

Blimey Gary, talk about a spot of bad luck. Nice to get an apology though!

It almost like Google is on a mission to clean up the web single handed, as they appear to be on an exercise to punish for the sake of example!

Even BMW have been penalised for using so called Gateway pages to divert traffic to their site(s) BMW admit to this but denied they set out deliberately miss-lead the searchers. Google disagree and now BMW has a PR of 0.

Watch how you say something, careful what words you use, check for double meanings, and make sure the content has no misleading text etc etc. Oh yeah, and while we’re ‘not’ on freedom of expression, what about the filtering of sites from their Google Search in China. I beginning to wonder how their TOS will look say 10 years from now.

Maybe in the future they’ll be a Google dictionary that has lists of acceptable words and phrases for sites and advertisers alike. In other words, do as Google say or else!

In a free and competitive market this would not normally be a problem, but the fear is that Google is on target to monopolise this type of business, so the poor ole customer has no where else to go if he’s not happy with the service, and that’s controlling!

Ok, I’ll get off me soap box now.


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