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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Apprentice UK - more info

I found some more details: Ansell Henry Aged 34, is a Sales Manager and for Millwall Footballer... Benedict Stanberry 33. An IT consultant. more... Paul Tulip 26. A "head hunter". Samuel Judah 35. Martial Arts expert and product developer. Tuan Lee 27. Vietnamese refugee and financial adviser. I'm guessing not Tuan Lee, the famous poker player! Mani Sandler 39 & runs a speed dating business! Syed Ahmed 31. An entrepreneur. Loves to argue. Sounds familiar! An argumentative entrepreneur :-) Karen Bremner 34. A lawyer and mum of one. Jo Cameron 35. Single mum and ex Asda shelf stacker. Nargis Aga 38. Another single mum. A student. Michelle Dewberry 26, a telecoms consultant. Sharon McAlister 30. Mum of One - a lecturer. Ruth Badger 27 and a "sales boss". Alexa Tilley 28. Management Consultant. Cousin of comedian Matt Lucas.

Sounds like an interesting bunch!

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At 3/02/2006 10:00:00 AM, Blogger Exponential Design said...

Are you serious? There you have the apparently smartest, wittiest and business savvy young entrepreneurs, (well, that's what they say about themselves) and then you get to see something like last night's show! These people even make common sense seem uncommon and lack of everything Sir Alan Sugar could be looking for in an apprentice. It is truly unbelievable that 13 "business people" manage to pitch (let's not talk about design) a calendar without any idea of wholesale!?

If I was Sir Alan I would have fired them all last night. A cast like this makes an engaging programme really look foolish.

Sir Alan can not seriously consider employing one of these wimps at the end of the show, can he?!


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