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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Burts Challenge - 10 days to go!

As most readers know, I recently started a challenge to build and monetize a site; the winner being the one who made the most cash upto and including Jan 31...there is about 10 or 12 entrants. There's only 10 days left, which is not too late to enter. You will have given yourself a serious disadvantage though! First prize is $100. There is also a random prize of $25. During the past few days, I managed to get my site live, hurrah!. It wasn't my first choice of site, but the one I had in mind was simply too much work to get going in such a short time-frame...anyway, I'm doing OK so far :D Looking forward to the end of the month so that we can all read about the other entrants, and I will be able to reveal my new site and monetization efforts!

New URL: www.osworld.biz - thanks!


At 1/22/2006 05:19:00 PM, Anonymous One Dollar A Day said...

Yes, I'm looking forward to seeing what everybody came up with and how they've done...


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