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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Article Force & Article Lightning

In recent messages I've spoken about the need for Articles and where to get Articles from. I promised to talk a bit more about the two Article Memberships sites that I subscribe to; Article Lightning I've been a member here for about 3 months. The articles are generally well written, though there is the odd spelling mistake [that is most likely because I use the English english rather than American english ;)] There is a Forum on which members are entitled to nominate next months Topics. These nominations are then collated and put to a vote by the members. The top 10 voted topics are then written in time for the next download. The cost for this is $37 per month; this buys me 25 articles in 10 topics. Or in other words, 250 articles. This allows me to build 10 websites... Article Force This one has been open for just a few days - it would appear that the owner of this site is a member at Article Lightning and has seen a gap in the market for another Article Based site. That's good! However, I'm already a little disappointed :( They've written the topics to be almost exactly the same as the Article Lightning topics - I'm not sure whether this is done purposely, but I would say so. Obviously writing in the same broad topics means that members of both sites will choose one or the other. It's pretty much the same set up for topics/forum/vote as Article Lightning. The difference being that it is $30 more expensive per month, at $67. However, this is tempered by the fact that Article Force offers more articles; 15 topics, each containg about 25 articles (or 375 articles). Please note; although the broad topic areas are the same, the actual articles are totally different. Financially best? Looking at it from a purely financial Point Of View, Article Force (375 articles for $67) costs me $0.18 per article. Article Lightning (250 articles for $37) costs me $0.15 per article. Article Lightning therefore seems to make the most financial sense, in terms of money spent. In terms of money earned, more articles = more sites = more profit, thus Article Force is better value. Which will I cancel? I'll be brutally honest - having two sites write articles on the same subject matter pretty much sucks. Being as Article Lightning told everyone what Januarys topics would be back on November 14th, this gave ample time for the people at Article Force to write on different Topics. Summary I'll probably cancel the Article Force subscription. The service provided is simply not worth the money if you are a member of Article Lightning. If you're not a member of Article Lightning then $67 for 375 articles is a great deal... Links Article Force Article Lightning

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At 1/04/2006 03:26:00 PM, Anonymous Chance said...

Thanks for the heads up Gary- once again you have saved me money on useless stuff!


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