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Monday, December 19, 2005

To AIS or not to AIS? That is the Question.

Regular readers will know that I am a big fan of Automated Income Streams (sites that run themselves day and night producing an income with very little interaction from me, also known as "Silent Sales Machines" and many other names)... 100% of my sites are built then take very little extra work to carry on producing an income. My latest AIS (Project NC) is one that sells website templates for a particular piece of software, and it's going very well - I'm upto about $4k earned in the first three weeks of the site - not bad! Particularly as I spent only a couple of hours work to make the site and the products. But then I got to thinking; Sure, I've made $4k in a short amount of time, which is about 70 customers. What if, instead of offering a one-off price for a product, I had offered a monthly subscription for a new product each month. I reckon I could easily have charged $27 per month and would have ended up with 100 subscribers. That's $2700 recurring! I think my next project will be some sort of a subscription based offering - which is obviously not AIS, but with the right project, there does not need to be a lot of work done to earn the money. I tested this by adding an extra option to my Project NC site - this has brought in a number of subscribers, which will earn me a few hundred every month for about 20 minutes work per week. As we can see those 20 minutes means it's not a true AIS... My ongoing mission for Project NC is to find more subscribers for my service, as this can be a good way to produce a nice monthly income, 80% of which you can bank on (with the other 20% dropping out after a month or two)... What can you do in your sites to realise the benefits of having clients who subscribe?

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At 12/19/2005 02:29:00 PM, Anonymous Chance said...

You see my way of thinking :)

No work and a little money is cool, a little work and lots of money is great!


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