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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Monthly target exceeded...

A couple of weeks I was a little concerned that I would not hit this months target, so I lowered my target from $4247 ($137 per day) to $3100 ($100 per day) for December. Well, I'm pleased to say that I exceeded the $4247 today, and with another 4 days to go in December, I should be able to add to that total. I should have had more belief in my actions! Anyway, I now need to get on and start my new AIS for my challenge. I hope to launch on January 2nd, and need to do about 15 hours work in total to get it all up and running... I'm very pleased about exceeding my monthly target as I was quite despondent about it a couple of weeks ago.

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At 12/27/2005 01:21:00 PM, Anonymous Yaro said...

Gary, I'm always impressed with your work, you make it sound so easy yet I still have trouble grasping exactly how you do what you do.

I understand the fundamentals of your AIS sites, but the steps to do it are a little cloudy. I can see that you set up content sites based on niche keywords and then make affiliate and adsense income from the traffic, but you don't explain how you get the traffic - do you use AdWords or are all your current successes based on search traffic that you have built up over years?

At 12/27/2005 02:00:00 PM, Blogger Gary B. said...

Hey Yaro - hope you had a good Xmas! :)

OK, my way of raising an online income is (I think) very different to most others. Basically I have a few sites which get me an income (ranging from a few cents per day, to hundreds of dollars per day, occasionally).

I call this "AIS", which as you know stands for Automated Income Streams (or money earned for little to no work on my part)...

Within that AIS Umbrella, I have;

Adsense AIS: Niche sites built to give visitors information about XYZ product/service. These site will have Adsense which I hope the viewer will click to purchase said product. These sites are generally 1 page sites...but maybe upto 50 or 60 pages depending upon the Niche..

Affiliate AIS: Again, Niche sites, but these also have extra monetization, such as Clickbank, PayDotCom, resellable eBooks and the like. These give more value to the viewer and are more profitable to me than a straight Adsense AIS. It is quite nice to log into Clickbank and see a few sales!

Both of these sort of sites are generally built using an Auto Site Generator such as "Niche Portal Builder" (I actually stopped using this a while back), or the new "Niche Creator".

I only have around 15 of these sites, as over the past few months I wanted to concentrate my efforts on:

My own Products AIS: These sites are generally hand built, and offer products that I have created myself. A very large portion of my online income comes from these sites. An exmaple would be a site I recently sold: osCommerce eBooks - I owned/operated this site for around 2 years, and created the products that the site sells. I received a very fair offer from one of my affiliates and sold up to him. I now am an affiliate of his :)

I have 4 more "product AIS" sites that I run, mainly selling website templates, website scripts and the odd eBook (all of which I have created myself).

I also use this Blog to advertise tools that I find good/useful - usually I earn an Affiliate Fee for each purchase made, but I do sometimes recommend tools that I earn no money from...I never recommend a product that I have not used. I never recommend a product that I do not like!

Hope that makes a bit more sense now :-)

Traffic is one thing that I am not (and never have been) concerned about. Traffic is really quite minimal, but I work on offering a quality service/product. My visitor/sales ratio on my product AIS's is about 1 in 6, which is quite high.

My Adsense and Affiliate AIS's do admittedly need more traffic, which is something I need to work on this year...

A bit of a cliche now, but in the American Gold Rush, not many people got rich from finding gold. But a lot of merchants got rich by selling shovels, picks and supplies to the prospectors. In the marketing world right now, the buzz is all about "Site Generators" (like those I mentioned above)...people are buying these in the hope of striking gold. I consider my product AIS's to be like those merchants - I sell tools (eg, scripts & templates & general ideas) that plug into those site generators to allow other people to make their riches quicker/easier.

Hope that makes sense. Or have I been so wordy that you're more confused than before :-)

At 12/29/2005 03:43:00 PM, Blogger Chris H said...

Nice one G!

Seems like only yesterday you were hoping for your weekly amount per month!

At 12/30/2005 01:58:00 AM, Anonymous Yaro said...

Thanks for the big write up Gary.

It sounds like you are doing what a lot of other online marketers are doing, except - and this is where you are in the minority - you have an amazing conversion rate. 1 in 6 buy from you. That's almost a 20% conversion rate! Amazing.

So in order for you to do that you must have exactly the right target traffic going to your websites - where are you getting this traffic from, search engines slowly over time? AdWords? Advertising on other sites?

I like your gold rush analogy too -that makes a lot of sense. You are providing tools to niche content marketers - care to give a few examples of the sort of things you sell to them - standard website templates like you could buy on ebay or something a bit more targeted than that?

At 12/30/2005 08:57:00 AM, Blogger Gary B. said...

Hey Yaro,

Sure, the latest product that I added to one of my product AIS sites is a PHP script which allows a site owner to fix an article to a keyword (using the Niche Creator) program. What this does is make an Auto-Generated site look more "natural"...

My core product is website templates - ones that I have created myself, which are then re-written for whatever product I am targetting.

For traffic, I rely on making commercial posts (not "spam"!) on Forums that are directly related to the product that I am working on. This gets me highly targetted traffic of people that have money to spend on tools to further their business. I'm a member of a private marketing forum (Keyword Avalanche) that has been absolutely worth it's weight in gold for this purpose...

I also do use Adwords, but use very targetted keywords to get good "ready to buy" traffic.

At 12/30/2005 12:13:00 PM, Blogger Gary B. said...

Thanks Chris - it does not seem like long ago that I first read Joe Kumars book which gave me a little acorn of an idea, it's actually over 2 years ago! That acorn has now grown into a $4k a month business :)

When I consider that in 2 years I've gone from $0 to $50k a year, for very little (ongoing) work, that's quite pleasing. I now need to take that next step...I intend to be earning $2k per week by the end of 2006!


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