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Friday, December 02, 2005

Email (spam) Marketing - Interesting Effect

Over the past few days I've been getting email spam that is laid out as a "reply" from someone. Though I absolutely hate Spam, I have to say that this is one of the best & most interesting spams I have received... This actually bypasses most of my Spam filters, and because it's a reply it actually goes into my "to read" inbox... Here's an example: You can see that it's set out as a reply to someone, the actual SpamURL is located in the message that has been replied to. Looking at the headers reveals where it comes from and it's not been replied to at all - it's just laid out that way to entice people into thinking it's a real message and the the SpamURL might be something nice to look at. The SpamURL links to a webpage on geocities (so people think it's a nice homely homepage of someone) which then redirects to some Replica Watch site. This is an example of really great marketing in my opinion. Just wish that spammers would concentrate their efforts on playing the SEO game rather than hoodwinking people.

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