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Friday, December 02, 2005

eBook Review - Joel Comms Adsense Secrets

The other day I purchased this eBook in the hope that I could use some of his techniques to increase my bottom line. I won't go into detail about this eBook, suffice to say that the eBook is 90 pages of filler, with perhaps 20 pages of halfway useful content. I picked up no new ideas from the eBook at all. Basically everything in it can be reduced to 5 mainstays; 1. Place Adsense in the correct position on your page(s). 2. Integrate the Adsense so that it looks like part of your design, rather than something that has been added as an afterthought. 3. Give your browsers what they are looking for: content 4. Always use Text Ads 5. Track your Adsense Stats to see what is working and what isn't. Doesn't everyone already know this? If you didn't already realise these 5 things, then this book may be useful for you. In my opinion this eBook is so basic that it's not worth $9.70 let alone $97. Not recommended. I am considering asking for a refund which will be the first time I have ever asked for a refund on an eBook - it really is that bad :( $97. Wasted. Link: Adsense Secrets

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