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Thursday, December 22, 2005

AIS Income gone downhill rapidly!

All my AIS sites cater to the business needs of others, for example sales of Website Templates and eBooks. My Adsense AIS sites are almost all business oriented. What this means is that many people are off work over the holidays, so are not thinking in business mode & therefore not buying my products (or visiting my sites). During the past 5 days, my daily average stands at just under $29. For me, this is problematic as I have no "day job" to fall back on, but is not a great drama as I have done quite well this year. Had I been more forward thinking I would have started a few AIS's which are seasonally influenced - this is going to be my next task I think.

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At 12/22/2005 09:18:00 PM, Blogger spon said...

Income from our "speechy" site has dropped to an average of about $8.50/day (from $12) over the last 5 days - in line with a reduction in site visits. Trend in site traffic is exactly the same as last year so not too worried yet.

I reckon the approach of Chrimbo is clearly diverting people's attention.

Definitely gonna roll out a few monetised "info" sites in the New Year drawing off some established link sources. Be interesting to see what happens. Bit worried that they will all be on the same ip block mind.



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