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Friday, November 11, 2005

PayDotCom - better than Clickbank? Yes!

PayDotCom is a new alternative to Clickbank, and it's very good. I've been road testing it for a few weeks. Put bluntly it's an Affilaite Network where you can either be a Vendor (so affiliates sell your products), or an Affiliate (you sell someone else products). Or, of course, you can be both! The main differences to Clickbank are quite obvious: lower fee & quicker payouts (with paydotcom you get paid immediately, rather than waiting 6 weeks for clickbank). As said, I signed up to road test it, and I have to say that it looks great. The reporting feature is very good, and it is so much easier to find products to sell than it is at Clickbank. The only downside that I can see is that the number of products is relatively small as it is quite a new service - but as time goes on I'm sure that'll change. I will definately be using this service (as a Vendor) for my forthcoming AIS that I'm working on now. I particularly like the fact that they give the ability for Vendors to sell 1 product without a sign up fee (as opposed to $49.99 at Clickbank) and they have no limit on the selling price like Clickbank does. This will really suit my AIS perfectly! Summary: As a Vendor, you (and an army of PayDotCom Affiliates) sell your products. As an Affiliate, you find products to sell on your website(s), and get commission for doing so. Instant Payments also! Have a look at PayDotCom, it's totally free to join up (even if you never use the service), and I recommend it highly.

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