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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Make Me A Million Update (Part 3)

Couple #1: The mite-free bed experience AKA "Freshbed". Struggling to find buyers of the bed after taking their eyes off the business. Seem to have a real lack of business sense. Couple #2: The LeanTeam. Still plugging away at getting the website up and running. Have split the responsibilities somewhat, one guy is in charge of finding clients for the business pre-launch, and the other is in charge of getting the website processes upto scratch. Couple #3: Halo n Horns Shampoo. Secured a deal with Tesco's - it's interesting to note that they get only 15p profit per bottle from a £2.26 selling price. The Mentor is still working on this business 100% - if I was cynical I would say that Ivan Massow (the Mentor) is taking the piss out of the show, the viewers and his protégé - it's quite obviously his project...oh wait, I am cynical enough to say that ;) My view: Halo n Horns seem to have won the 100 yard sprint, but this is a Marathon. I shouldn't say this, but I really do not want them to win this competition. The idea was the Mentors, the Mentor is working full time on the project etc etc - is this the point of the program? Fresh Bed have not got out of the starting blocks yet - mostly due to the relationships between the Mentor and the two protégés, and the protégés themselves. Never mix business with pleasure! The LeanTeam are trailing in the 100 yard sprint, but I think that they could possibly win the marathon...they have not yet secured any corporate clients, but once the website goes online (next episode) I think it'll take off quite well. In the next episode, we see the final quarter of the year-long challenge as well as the judges sorting out who has won. If it goes solely on "money earned", I think that Halo n Horns will take it - but what's the point of an already successful multi-millionaire winning this program? Hopefully the judges will be able to see through the BS and look at which team has worked for themselves amassing business knowledge and profit - in which case I think that The LeanTeam will win. My money is on The LeanTeam. Burts Gossip: Watch out for an Interesting Twist at the end of the next programme - more details to be revealed!

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At 11/16/2005 02:22:00 PM, Anonymous Chris H said...

Do you know if it's going to be repeated? There was some weepy on yesterday so I had to miss it :(

At 11/16/2005 02:35:00 PM, Anonymous boo said...

From the C4 website:

Make Me a Million
Tuesday, 15th November at 9.00pm
Repeated Wednesday, 16th November at 10.00pm on More4


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