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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Google Adsense Referrals

Google have just launched a new referral scheme for Adsense. You can find more details by logging into your Adsense Account and choosing the new "Referrals" tabbed link.

Referrals offer you a new revenue opportunity while increasing your users' awareness of useful products and services. Adding a referral button to your website enables you to generate additional earnings by directing users to download or sign up for products such as AdSense.
You can see an example referral button: and there are another 9 or 10 that you can choose. It seems that to be eligible for payment, the new Adsense Aff needs to have earned $100 in "commission", then you (as the referrer) get an Adsense Credit. I think that this could be quite interesting to increase the ranks of the Adsense Army. Google had to do something like this to combat the growing threat of other contextual Ads, such as Chitika, YPN etc etc...

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