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Monday, November 07, 2005

False Invoices Scam

I'm pretty sure that most people know about the Domain Name Registry of America people - these are the ones who send renewal notices for .com domains that are really not renewal notices. People mistakenly pay for something that they neither want nor need as the documents sent look ike an Invoice. Anyway, I get loads of these. But today I got the same type of thing (a false invoice) from a Search Engine Optimisation Company - I'm not going to divulge their URL as I don't want them getting any business! What I will say is that if you receive any Invoice from anyone, make sure that it is for goods/services that you have ordered. I know of too many people who are taken in by these false invoices.

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At 11/07/2005 07:54:00 PM, Anonymous jared said...

Get these too, I do. Preying on the innocent and careless, they are. Like them, I do not.

BTW, your blog title says "Som Business Ideas"

Maybe "Som" is a UK spelling . . . :)


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