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Thursday, November 17, 2005

10 Questions: Brayley & Todd of The Lean Team

Hi Brayley, Hi Todd, can you tell us a little about your business background before you embarked on The Lean Team Project? Brayley; I have worked in many different corporate businesses - some in the UK and several in Holland - however they were always working for someone else... Mostly in presentation, customer service and promotions. Strong on customer interaction. Todd finished college in 2004 and has worked as a fitness instructor for 7 years. Do you have a personal interest in the health market? For example, did it start as a hobby? Or was it more of a pure business ("this'll make us money!") decision ? Brayley; Todd was overweight as a teenager and so has a personal interest - I have always been interested in health. Todd is a qualified nutritionist - having gained his degree in 2004 from Kings College in London. We could not have been as dedicated or as passionate as we have been if we were not personally interested in the business we set up. How many false starts did you have before you hit on the Lean Team idea? Brayley; Well - none really - but we tried many different ways to get to the service we have now - even today we have found a new way to deliver the service - so we are always looking at ways to improve it - however that does not mean that the other ways were 'wrong'... What are some of the challenges you have personally experienced building and growing the Lean Team Service ? Brayley; ...being in a relationship has had its pluses and minuses - we have no free time, never apart and can find it hard to switch off – in fact it's near impossible to switch off... challenges, personally, pushing yourself to do things you didn't think you could do and shaking off old belief systems of - 'I cant do that' or 'it's not possible'... What ongoing marketing strategies do you use to promote your Lean Team Service? Brayley; Many – we are finding (because of the TV exposure) companies coming to us – of course SEO is important, affiliates, links, sponsorship, advertising (on the site from other companies) – corporate introductions… but most of all personal referrals and introductions. How long from the start of the Lean Team Project did it take for you to be 'financially comfortable' ? Brayley; We take a nominal wage and are far from drawing a true wage from it – and profit from the first 2 years will be ploughed straight back in. If people go into business thinking they can earn good money early – think again… ! With regards to the Lean Team project, could you tell us about a "light bulb moment" that you've had ? A moment when you've thought to yourself, "If only we'd known that earlier"... Brayley; ... so many things!!! That’s the point of learning… one thing that stands out is making sure when people give you a quote for work is that you go through it and double check everything they say is included – there are a lot of people out there willing to rip you off… Do you feel that your Mentor Chris took the right approach with you by being very "hands off"? Did seeing Chris Gorman's "trappings of wealth" (eg, the Spanish Villa, the Scottish estate etc) motivate you to work harder? Brayley; ...his hands off approach was great – we all had our roles to play – his ‘trappings’ are great and yes it was great to experience them… Todd and I have different aspirations – money would be great to give us free time to do other things… (and a jag XK8 would be great!!!) Do you believe the ability to make money/be an entrepreneur is some sort of talent you're born with, or simply a set of skills that can be learnt? Brayley; It’s a state of mind, a passion, a desire – its to do with relationships...if you want to learn you will, if you want to succeed enough you’ll find a way...skills can be taught but ambition and attitude can not. And finally, what was the most recent book that each of you read? Brayley; I read 3 - breakfast book – train/travel book and night book… I’m reading ‘who to win friends and influence people (again) and so is Todd – Awaken the Giant Within – Anthony Robbins and for fun – The Lion The Witch & the Wardrobe (again!)

Brayley and Todd are the driving force behind The LEAN Team, and are presently starring in the Channel 4 series "Make Me A Million". The LEAN Team service provides a virtual team of dietitians, nutritionists, health psychologists and fitness professionals all working just for you - for weight loss, nutrition & fitness...
Many thanks to Brayley and Todd for taking part in this question and answer profile! And best of luck to them for the LEAN Team Project!

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