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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Keeping records is vitally important

Inspired by my previous post about keeping records = working smart I decided to come up with a proper spreadsheet to track my AIS earnings. Previously I just totted up the daily figures, and worked out any %'s when I needed to. Now I can work out all sorts of interesting info; ~ Adsense Income makes up 12.95% of overall AIS so far this month. ~ Best Sellers are my eBooks, closely followed by my templates. ~ worst AIS by far is my Affiliation to a couple of sites (just 4.91% of overall AIS). ~ based on 31 days, I am at 81.35% of my target. ~ based on 25 days [days in month so far recorded], I am at 100.88% of target. ~ best day in October: 16th (226.72% of target) ~ worst: 11th (only 19.82% of target) Targets for November: 1/ Increase Adsense to 20% of overall AIS, by building more sites. 2/ Increase Affiliation earnings by using the methods employed by the Rich Jerk. Maybe you can start keeping records to show you where you should concentrate your AIS efforts too?

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At 10/31/2005 05:11:00 PM, Blogger Gary B. said...

Looking into my figures a bit more deeply, I can also tell you that Thursday is by far the worst day in any given week for sales, and Monday is the best!

Strange but true.


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