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Monday, October 31, 2005

Dragons Den

The Dragons Den is a TV reality show whereby "contestants" go in front of a panel of "millionaires", to present a business idea and try to secure funding (in exchange for a stake in the fledgling business. The Dragons basically rip into these people with no mercy, trying to find any weak aspects of their presentation or business background. It's a great TV show, with real money at stake - I'm not sure that I'd like to sell my pound of flesh though. Anyway, the second series is due to start very shortly - sometime during November. Apparently it was delayed due to financial allegations with one of the Dragons (allegedly). It's been widely reported that Rachel Elnough' business went bankrupt during the summer and was bought out by one of the other Dragons. I don't know if that is true or not, but seems to be the case. Anyway, you can read more about Dragon Den at the official BBC site. On my travels around the Inter Web I also found a very interesting site which is written up by one of the people being interviewed...it's nice to read the Dragons Den from a viewpoint which is not a Dragon or the BBC...

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At 11/01/2005 09:51:00 PM, Blogger richandzhaoyan said...

I am not a big tv watcher but I have caught the odd episode of the Dragons Den and just love it.

It was interesting to read the article from the contestant. I thought he had it right on the money about promoting his product - worth far more than selling off half your business in my opinion.

I saw one episode where a lady had invented a monopoly style boardgame based around taxi driving in London. A couple of weeks after watching it on tv I was at a Toy trade show and she was there on a stand trying to sell her product. She didnt appear to busy, as it happens, but I am sure she must have picked up a good few orders due to the tv exposure.


At 11/01/2005 10:46:00 PM, Blogger Gary B. said...

Dragons Den is great viewing. That particular toy was one of the best selling toys of last Xmas.

I think it was the top selling board game in Hamleys (which can't be half bad)...

More & more...

At 11/02/2005 03:05:00 PM, Blogger Gary B. said...

I just received this into my Inbox. An interesting story, and a good offer included!

Many thanks to Canada Bob

Hello Gary,

Thanks for the mention on your blog, much appreciated...

I tried to post the comments below, but when I tried to open a blogger account every username I tried was refused, sigh.

I'd appreciate it if you could post my comments into your blog page.

All the Best,

Canada Bob.

Hello Gary,

Stumbled across your Blog {sort of}
amazing what Google can find ain it, grin.

Anyway, I'm the bloke who had the run in with Rachel {or "R" as she calls herself in her e-mails and letters}.

I have to say she gave me a ROUGH time during the interview, but I guess part of that is to get "ratings" {someone has to be Simon [Cowell]} and folks like to see a little bloodshed.

Looking back I think it was more down to the problems she was having {that very week} as the show was being taped. Who wouldn't be ready to explode if they were losing control of a company they'd built up, and then see it going down the tubes owing Millions.

I think that was the main reason that I got it in the neck...

I can just imagine her hearing this bloke from Wigan saying that he'd spent 200,000 on acquiring Patent Rights {on this radically different way to shave}, at a time when she was {shall I say} short on readies.

Anyway, I've been in tougher situations in my life, even to the extent of having 6oz of C4 plastique {explosive} attached to my car when I lived in Canada, luckily for me I survived that too.

Do a Google on "Norburn Fleet" [link] and look for the Whistleblower article, never thought I'd be the
6 Million $ Man, but for 5-6 years I was, sigh. That was a tough time, but life throws these things at you now and again.

Tell you what, if you {or any of your visitors here} would like to try this fascinating way to shave, then first of all take a look at www.moderngent.com and if you like the looks of the stuff {be sure to read the Testimonials} I'll ship out a dozen freebies, I'll even pay the postage & packing to the first ones that ask {drop me a line to... robert01942@hotmail.com the 01942 is the area code for Wigin, for gawds sake don't think that I've taken to calling myself "Roberto", grin... just want to get that clear, grin...

Other than that if anyone's thinking of going on the show, and might want a couple of pointers, feel free to drop me a line.

All the Best,

Canada Bob

At 11/02/2005 03:07:00 PM, Blogger Gary B. said...

Hmmmn. Seems as though blogger doesn't like email mailto: links very much!

Email address for Canada Bob is:

At 11/10/2005 03:17:00 PM, Blogger Gary B. said...

For anyone interested, I just learned that 'Canada Bob' is going to be shown on the 29th November episode. If anyone has seen the trailer for the new series, part of it is Rachel Elnough' saying "you're a fantasist"...

Should be a good one!


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