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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Secret to Adsense Success

The secret to Adsense success is to build a site and place adsense on it. Then wait for visitors to click on those Adsense links... Sounds too easy, right. It really is that easy. However, having 1 adsense site may make you beer money - if you really want to earn the big bucks you need to have more sites. If 1 site brings in $50 a month, how much would 10 sites earn, 100 sites? 1000 sites? It's simple maths - the more site you have that run Adsense, the more likely your Adsense earnings are going to increase! So, what does it take to build an Adsense site? Not a lot really: 1/ Some knowledge of a subject. 2/ Creeate the HTML Pages, making sure to include the Adsense Code. 3/ A website hosting account & Domain name 4/ Transfer the site to the hosting account 5/ Wait for visitors 6/ Of course, an Adsense account! I'm guessing that a site like this would take maybe 1 week to build - after all, you need to research the subject, write up some nice keyword laden pages and so on. The other option - which all the "big" earners use is Automated Page Building software such as "Cash Page Builder", "Niche Portal Builder", "Directory Generator", "Traffic Equalizer" and many others. These people simply choose their favoured piece of software, plug in a few keywords, press "go" and their site is built within just a few minutes. Ally this to a good domain name, and they are laughing all the way to the (Adsense) bank. I've read stories (and seen proof) of people earning $50k per month using this type of software... I've tried out quite a few pieces of this software - in the end I plumped for "Niche Portal Builder", as it is templatable and also the software interface is quite easy to use. A typical 100 page website will take no more than 2 minutes to build from start to finish. Where to find the "Niche Portal Builder" software: NPB software. At the time of writing this post, this costs $397 for the part of the software that you need, but read on before buying it! Next up is where to find cheap domain names! That's easy, simply use NameCheap .info domains, which are $2.88 each. And hosting. Well, I'll leave that up to you, but if you do purchase this software, you'll be creating sites daily - so choose a Resellers Plan which gives you the ability to create hosting for yourself... Of course, you may be wondering about how to get your newly created sites into the Search Engines - again, this is really simple. Simply use your own knowledge of SEO to promote, promote, promote! One final extra which is more than worth the monthly cost - subscribe to the Keyword Avalanche site. For the low cost, you get access to a top notch forum which is full of knowledgable people, as well as a weekly keyword list which will help you to create sites based on the keywords that they send! Inside the Forum are a number of special offers (including a 20% discount on the "Niche Portal Builder" software!)...and a very, *very* good tutorial/video showing the absolutely best way to promote your newly created sites! Start Up Cost: ~ $57 (per month) for Keyword Avalanche access. ~ $318 for the "Niche Software" (includes the 20% discount via the Keyword Avalanche site. ~ A resellers account via a webhost. Say $200 per year. Ongoing costs: ~ $57 (per month) for Keyword Avalanche access. ~ $2.88 per Domain Name Extra Info: The whole point of these sites is such that you build, promote and move onto the next. It's no more than a numbers game. The more sites you build, the more you will earn. Simple. But there is one extra way to moentise these sites - upselling other products and services! Example: An example might be that I build a site all about "Website Hosting". Adsense Income let's say is $100 per month (remember that the site only cost a few dollars to actually build)... On top of this Adsense Income, I could do the following: 1/ Search for related books over at clickbank.com - eBooks are really hot sellers. Put links on the newly created site. This might raise an extra $25 per month. 2/ Find a webhost that might like to put a banner on the site. Let's say an extra $25 for this per month. 3/ Find associated service providers who might like to advertise their site(s) - eg: webdeigners, and so on. An extra $25 for this. 4/ Sign up to other affiliate programs, eg "Template Monster". Place links etc - this will raise perhaps another $50 per month. Now, we are upto $225 per month, just from the one site! I hope you can see the possibilities that are open to you... And remember - these type of sites take no maintenance - build, promote, forget.

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At 9/01/2005 11:11:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where can I get a reseller account for $200 per year with unlimited number of accounts? I did a little searching but could find anything nearly that cheap.


At 9/02/2005 08:28:00 AM, Blogger Gary B. said...

I don't think you'll find one that's unlimited for $200. The one I have has a limit of 250 accounts, for which I paid £120 ukp, which is roughly $200 usd.

So fill that up with these Adsensers - and if you are not making at least $200 a day then you are doing something badly wrong!

Of course, once you have filled it - buy another. And another. Ad infinitum.

At 9/02/2005 02:43:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Gary, just curious how long you have been a member of KeywordAvalanche and if you find the keyword list useful?

I ask because a lot of similar places advertise the same thing but the keywords never change and everyone gets the same list.

Obviously with everyone using the same site building application and the same keywords, the "market" becomes pretty saturated quickly by everyone that is a member.

Just wondering what your experience has been and what your thoughts are.

At 9/02/2005 03:23:00 PM, Blogger Gary B. said...

I've been a member for about a month - the value for me is in having other people who use the Forum as a sounding board for ideas.

I'm one of those people who gets motivated by seeing what other people are doing.

The keyword lists that are supplied are good, but as you say, if thousands of people use them, that particular area will become saturated.

The good thing about the Keyword Avalanche Forum is that it is going to be limited to 1000 members worldwide, which of course brings value to the Keyword lists supplied.

In addition, there is a special offer within that forum for the creators other product which is called "The Keyword Bible". I also have this (a couple of hundred dollars) - I also have this (but it is not necessary to have). This has around 25,000 keyword lists which each contain an average of 100 keyword phrases.

Anyway, in my opinion, $57 a month for access to that site/services/forum is very good value. I did ummm and ahhh over it for a while, but went ahead and haven't really looked back since.

At 9/02/2005 03:52:00 PM, Blogger richandzhaoyan said...


Just a quick thanks for taking the time to post all the above info.

It makes for very interesting reading and, although I think I will have to try on a smaller scale initially, (the shop and online store have to have priority at present) I look forward to trying to setup an AIS sometime in the near future.


At 10/15/2005 09:30:00 AM, Blogger Gary B. said...

The guys at Keyword Avalanche have stated that membership is to be capped at 500 active members. Good news!


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