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Thursday, September 08, 2005

AIS breakdown for these past 7 days

Template Sales: 8 packs sold for a total of $944 eBook Sales: 14 eBooks sold for a total of $231.73 Adsense Earnings: $31.46 So for this period of 7 days, I "earned" a total of $1207.19. My target was $959 [137*7] - so I came in at $248 over. That's a great result! My maths is not strong, but I think I exceeded my target by 25%. Remember also, that all this took absolutely no work - I have my templates and eBooks set up so that the buyer pays and downloads without intervention from me. All that I have to do is answer the odd email. Of course, I will also have to take into account my costs. Such as; - Payment to affiliates. My affiliates get commission of 33%, and of the sales this week, that totalled around $250. - Adwords payments. I do spend a tiny amount per day on advertising my new templates site. Take off beer money, which is around $10 (for the week). - TAX :( But even so, you can see that is is possible to create a nice income by doing very little ongoing work. The best thing is when you first log in each morning, download your mail and see 3 or 4 emails go straight into your "sales" inbox :)

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At 9/08/2005 09:25:00 PM, Blogger richandzhaoyan said...

Hi Gary,

Just a few points,

Firstly, congratulations on coming in 25% over target - Great news and I hope it continues to exceed your expectations.

Second, I am not too sure about the "very little work" you keep referring to, a quick browse of your template, e-book sites and forum show you must spend a fair bit of time at your desk, not to mention the continued help you offer for free at the osC forum. (These are just the places I know you are active, I am sure there are more!) You may not consider this to be ongoing work but I am sure your template and ebook sales are related to your activity. The thing is if you enjoy it then all the better - I have allways maintained that you spend a very, very large percentage of your life at your job so you better enjoy it - if not, time to move on.

Right, thirdly, a quick question - Your adsense earnings... I was surprised at how low they were. Is this a pretty standard week or is it generally a little higher? Also, are you prepared to divulge how many sites you have setup so far to provide this income. I guess that if it is only a small number and if you can relatively quickly and easily double (or triple) the number of sites then you are talking a reasonable income.

OK, lastly, its pretty obvious the templates have been your biggest earner by far this week, so, .... Do you reckon the market could support one more osC template site????? Im thinking "I could do that!" - Hmmmm..... Maybe you could could start a contributed template site. We upload our templates, you sell em and we earn commission. What do you think? :)

Anyhow, I wouldnt worry too much about me moving in on your earnings, with reference to the travel site I hinted at in a previous post, I have managed only about 1 hour a night working on it this week and feel guilty about not spending the hour working on the shop site!! That is the main bread winner after all and, if I continue to invest in it should outstrip any other wacky ideas I dream about.

Cheers anyhow and thanks again for the interesting blog,

At 9/08/2005 10:33:00 PM, Blogger Gary B. said...

It really is very very little work. Obviously creating the templates in the first place takes time and effort, but once done you can sell them time and again.

Note that my new templates site has nothing to do with osCommerce at all! These templates are for an entirely different piece of commercial software...

I am not active on the osC Forum any more - too much BS from Harald Ponce de Leon and his "team" to bother with carrying on.

The only Forum I do help out at is my own Forum at osHoo. And, no doubt you've seen the few posts that there are there! There are a couple of other Forums that I lurk (and very occasionally post) at, but don't spend an awful lot of time at.

During the past 18 months I've been working on creating streams of income that take no work. I now know what to do and what not to do - what services to offer and what not to offer. Etc etc.

Anyway, it really is very very little work!

As for Adsense - I only have about 4 sites that produce at the moment. I do still have plans to create 3 daily.

The weathers nice, there's stuff on TV to watch, there's the radio to listen to, there's bike rides to do...at heart I am a lazy person, I nly strive to make money as easily possible in order to maintain my lazy lifestyle...



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