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Friday, August 26, 2005

A quiet day today

Today will not be a busy day - I finished answering all my emails already, and have built 1 Adsenser (which is uploaded, ready to be promoted). This afternoon I have an appointment that I have to keep, so will not get anything more done today (as the appointment will probably keep me waiting most of the afternoon). And no work for me tonight as Liverpool are playing Moscow in teh UEFA Super Cup! C'mon the Reds! Yesterday I did $437 and a few pennies across all my AIS sites (not just Adsensers). Not bad! I don't get good days like that every day (wish I did!) - but one day I will crack the $500 barrier.

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At 8/26/2005 02:40:00 PM, Anonymous Wil Rushmer said...

giver Sh*t Liverpool!


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