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Thursday, August 11, 2005

The "official" osCommerce View on my Blog?

During an email conversation yesterday with Harald where I was attempting to find out the reason for the recent problems, this quote from Harald randomly cropped up:

If you want to cry and moan about the way we manage the project on your blog, you're most certainly welcome to.
I'm guessing that this is the official osCommerce take on my Blog? Anyway, what I wanted to know was why there is all this BS about Corporate Sponsorship, and the real reason behind me not being allowed to be a Corporate Sponsor. Here's the reply:
I did provide the following reason... "Regarding your enquiry to participate in the osCommerce Corporate Sponsorship program, I do not think a healthy relationship currently exists between yourself and the osCommerce team, and do not see how participation in the sponsorship program can work out when issues arise in the future as to how we manage the project."
This is not a reason - this is the effect. What I wanted to know is why Harald thinks this: a healthy relationship [does not] currently exist. I can't get through to Harald that without knowing exactly what has happened to upset him in the past 3 months then I cannot look at the problem(s) and solve them. However, what he did say is this:
It is indeed a personal issue, as I described in the reason provided to you.
So, at least I and the readers of this Blog do now know for sure that Harald holds personal issues above what is right for the osCommerce Community. Good work, fella!

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At 8/22/2005 10:21:00 PM, Blogger Gary B. said...

Well, I emailed back and I've waited 10 days for a reply. I guess it's not going to be forthcoming.

If Harald or any of his "Team" are reading this;

1/ I'd like to know what personal reason Harald has to deny me applying for Corporate Sponsorship.

2/ I'd also like to know why Harald did not immediately refund my Personal Sponsorship of osCommerce, once he decided he had a personal issue against me.

Without at least the answer to #1, what on earth can I do to help the situation?


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