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Monday, August 08, 2005

I've never understood the reasoning...

In the osCommerce Forum, there is 2 areas where you can add your (osCommerce powered) sites. #1 is the "My Store" channel where other users of osC can critique your store and offer advice on what is good and what is bad. #2 is the "Live Store" list - which is a listing of a number of Stores that are powered by osCommerce. Some are bad, some good, some excellent. However in both of these areas there are some people who cannot place their URLs - the reason for this is supposedly "commercial advertising". Therefore if you run an osCommerce store selling (for example) hosting, domain names, templates, webdeisgn services, coding services and other products/services like that, then you are banned from entering your URL into the "My Store" channel or the "Live Shop" area. My argument to this is; Sites selling illegal goods, such as drugs, hardcore pornography, nazi memorabilia and the like are allowed, and yet sites selling useful services which give the osCommerce Community more choice are not allowed! I find this whole situation unbelievable - another example of poor choices made by the osCommerce "Team". Or is there something more sinister going on? Call Mulder and Scully please ;)

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