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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Break it down to managable chunks...

AIS = Automated Income Stream. In other words, a way of earning money for doing very little ongoing work... Anyway, I started selling Templates for a popular piece of software (not osC before you ask) - and so far I have earned $1305 in 17 days on this new AIS. Of course my earnings on this new AIS will not stay at the same level, but I hope to sell at least one $125 template pack per week. That's not bad and goes quite some way towards my aim of earning $137 a day (overall AIS earnings from multiple sources)...why $137 ? Over the course of a year that is $50k in earnings (from AIS, thus very little work)... Whenever you have an aim in life, break it down into managable chunks: ~ $50,000 a year sounds like hard work. ~ $4,167 a month sounds more managable ~ $962 a week sounds do-able ~ $137 a day sounds easy! Of course, running AIS's means that you are open for business 24/7/365 - and a true AIS means that the person orders, pays and downloads without you (the business owner) having to intervene...a beautiful way to work!

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