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Friday, July 29, 2005

You want customers? Why ask for a Password ?

I got to thinking about what barriers osCommerce places in front of a purchaser. One of the main barriers is the whole checkout process - you can read a good summary of why the checkout process is awful at W&W's Blog. For my own Store, I have reduced the Checkout Steps quite a bit and this morning took out the "password" functionality from the create_account.php page. I'm hoping that this will lead to increased sales as most people don't like having to remember passwords etc. What I have done is recoded the create_account page slightly to create a random password, which is then emailed to the customer in the "Welcome Email". I'll see how it goes for a short while and if everything looks good, I'll write down how to do it so that others can see how I implemented it.

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At 7/29/2005 12:14:00 PM, Blogger WizardsandWars said...

Very nice indeed. We have a similar checkout process in development over at MadMacGames.com. It's eyrie how much we think alike sometimes.

Antoher thing that might be helpful with this modification is to help returning customers out a little. I see that you have integrated the 'login' and 'create account pages', which I always recommend, as per our discussion in the 'customer Login Routines' thread a couple years ag. However, after studying our web traffic patterens, we found that returning customers didn't log in to their account. Instead they entered their information again, often using the same email address again. When this happens, the returning customer is redirected to the login page, or they are presented wiht an error that the email address already exists, and they have to either provide a new email address, or remember the password from the last time they logged in.

A better solution would be to go ahead and let them checkout, without forcing them to change their email or login. You could do this by matching on the customers email address and name, and just adding the address to the customers address book.

At 7/30/2005 01:32:00 PM, Blogger Gary B. said...

Good thinking. I'm going to spend a bit of time on creating a new checkout procedure I think - one that is totally streamlined for the best experience.

Forget these 1 page checkout ideas, I think they are more trouble than they are worth. 3 or 4 pages I think is fine.

Watch this space!


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